Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New-ish Year!

Greetings gentle readers! Christmas lasted extra-long for me since my mom came to visit afterward and then I spent last weekend mourning the loss of my mom (she's not dead, she just went home and somehow the dirty dishes aren't magically getting washed anymore...hmm...) so it wasn't until today that I realized I haven't blogged in friggin' forever!

Christmas was great and Christmasy and blah blah blah and New Year's was absolutely wild. I stayed up aaaaaalllll night. Of course, that's because I had a certain 19 month old ball of energy bouncing around my bed telling me what color everything in the room was and pointing out my features with pokey little fingers, but nevertheless, it was a long, crazy night.

And's monstrously cliche of me but I usually get depressed in January. There's nothing to look forward to. It's cold. I'm on a diet. Blah. This January, though, all I want is for time to slow down a bit. Dylan finishes his doctorate in May. That means he has 4 months to finish his doctorate, apply for more jobs, interview and get a job. This also means we have 4 months to finish renovations and repairs on the house (note: there's still no toilet over our toilet hole in the redneck bathroom...), get the house ready to sell, and get Ry hooked up with therapies and school in the new place we're going to live which could quite literally be anywhere in the world. Holy. Crap.

That brings me to my one and only resolution this New Year's: Keep my g-d mouth shut.

Weird resolution, right? Here's why: every time I open my mouth it sounds like this, "Ohmyfriggin'GOD! Are you writing your dissertation? How far are you?! Are you working on it right now? But jobs! Are you applying for jobs? How many jobs? When are the deadlines? Where are they? Do you know how much they pay? What areas of town are good to live in in those places? WE NEED TO FIND RY SERVICES THERE NOOOOOOW! OHMYGOD we have to sell the house! Are you working on the bathroom? We have to finish the bathroom! What if we can't sell the house?! We won't be able to afford to live somewhere else! We could rent but OMG renters can ruin your property and then we'll have to hire a management company and WE HAVE NO MONEY! DID I MENTION WE HAVE NO MONEY! WE'RE GOING TO BE LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!"

See? It'll be better for everybody if I just grab a needle and thread and sew that sucker shut. If I don't, you just may hear of a Knoxville man shoving the printed pages of his dissertation down his deranged wife's throat and then jumping down their shower hole in a bizarre rednecky academic murder-suicide.

Shut yer trap, Meg!!!


  1. LMAO! I was almost going to comment on your last post to say, "Are you alive? I've misssssssed you!" But then I decided that I would sound stalkery and creepy...and if you end up in Chicago we could be nerd gamer friends. And I didn't want to ruin that opportunity. Except that now I TOTALLY sound stakery and creepy...and I'll bet 5 seashells (because I don't have any dollars) that you totally think it's awesome. :)

    See what happens when we don't shut our pie holes?

  2. :-) You continue to make me smile! Nicely done Meg! Love your blog!!!

  3. Oh my! 2013 is a ball of hectic for you! I hope you DO end up in Chicago, because that's a big place with lots of potential therapies, and I'd love for Chrissy to have a gamer friend. If it's any consolation, I'd be a nag-a-saurus rex in your situation. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  4. Wow, that whole situation would have me so on edge too!! I'm stressing because we want to house hunt in a couple of months and if the girls are going to be going to a new preschool next year I should be looking NOW to find one affordable, but idk where we will be living in the fall! So yeah, with all you have going on I'd be going nuts! GL with the job hunt and all that comes with it!

  5. I would be freaking the eff out too. My husband got laid off last January and I hounded him like CRAZY despite the fact he was making more money on freelance work than his previous salary. We're women. It's what we do.