Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Do That Tuesday 1/8

Happy Tuesday folks! At least 20 times during the past few weeks I've done something completely pudding-brained and thought, "Oh man, I need to remember this for Don't Do That Tuesday!"

Guess what? I don't remember any of them (come up with blog ideas but don't write them down? Don't do that!). I do have one Don't Do That that almost reached OMG REALLY DON'T DO THAT status.

Don't Do That: The Boog has a troubled relationship with electronics. He loves them, but his love is a Lenny oooh-this-is-so-soft-I'm-going-to-love-it-forever-OMG-I-broke-its-neck kinda love. To date he has broken or damaged 2 TVs, 2 DVD players, and, here we come to our story for the day, 4 laptops.

I have several theories as to why laptops are so over-represented on the busted technologies list. One is that computers are secretly plotting to take over the world Matrix-style and they speak in a frequency only autistic people can hear and understand. Therefore, Boog is simply trying to save us all by destroying as many computers as he can lay his hands on. What a hero.

Another theory is that Boog is mad that we won't buy him his own laptop and has decided that if he can't have one no one can, so he's breaking our computers out of spite. What a jerk.

In all likelihood, though, these are simply accidents due to his youth and his lack of understanding that when you kick shiny things they go boom. What a...kid.

In any case, he kicked a Vaio off the coffee table at 4 months old and it fell to its death. He threw its replacement on the floor at around 18 months where it met its ghastly fate. That was when Mama switched to Macs (because, of course, when you have a destructive toddler who has killed your previous 2 computers, you definitely want to upgrade to a more expensive brand...). The first Mac drowned in a glass of water he dumped on the keyboard. The second Mac, well-armed with heavy-duty case and keyboard protector lasted a good year and a half...until...

Mama left a glass of water 3 feet from the computer and left the room to use the bathroom...and apparently Boog felt the computer looked thirsty...

Naturally, I did what any sane person would do when confronted with a water-logged computer: melted down into a puddle of tears and "We can't afford to replace this!"s while the computer patiently waited for me to throw it a life preserver. Luckily my husband is less dramatic and quickly took the computer apart and took a blow dryer to its innards.

We left it to dry overnight and amazingly enough it awoke the next morning good as new! Nevertheless, I really have learned my lesson this time. Leave my laptop in the same room as a technology serial killer? Don't do that!

Look at that sinister gaze! Computers beware!


  1. Boog is trying to saving us from a world of computers and your stopping him!!

  2. all hail lenovo thinkpads. seriously, these things are pretty much indestructible. although i think a glass of water would drown it just as easily as any other laptop. dropping/kicking, though? no sweat. lol.

  3. Awwww, but the Boog is so CUTE! He MUST be trying to save us. It's kind of like when I constantly throw my phone in the toilet. Errr. Drop my phone. Drop. Don't do that either!