Sunday, November 25, 2012

Maudlin Ramblings...With Pictures!

So...Thanksgiving...that happened. AmIright? While some of you may have had angst-ridden, bourbon-soaked full-family displays of dysfunction, the Dittrich-Reed clan had a lovely, chill time hosting two very old (as in we've known them a long time, they're only slightly closer to middle-aged than us, hehe) friends Nolan and Cheryl and Cheryl's sister and her boyfriend, all of whom were very understanding about the turkey being a bit late and the questionable joys of being forced to act excited while an 18 month old hauls out her every possession for your entertainment and a small autistic boy rubs spitty hands in your hair.

We intended to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday eating leftovers and working on our redneck bathroom remodel, but...on Friday morning the Boog had a seizure and started to throw up (he does this with seizures) and then just when we thought he was feeling better, he had another one and the g-d Diastat tube (which are $250 a pop before insurance, by the way) broke and didn't get the medicine into him that it was supposed to but the seizure was blessedly unusually short, and then we were down to one tube left so I called the neurologist's office which was, of course, closed for the "holiday" (since when is the day after a holiday considered a holiday?) and had a very aggressive message about not troubling the on-call doctor with prescription refill authorization requests which I, of course, ignored. The doctor had no problem with calling in Diastat refills for Boog as he's not a sadist who would deny life-saving medication to a 4 year old, but our stupid redneck-run pharmacy didn't have any. We decided to wait it out since we still had one tube left and he often only seizes twice. And thus began Seizure Watch 2012.

Dylan watched Ry until midnight while I attempted to sleep but actually did nothing but read and listen for sounds of seizure (which, um, you can't hear through the walls). Boog got up from his post-seizure lethargy around midnight and looked so happy and energetic so we went to put a movie on for him and happy and energetic turned into stilted and jerky and oh-Lord-seizing-again. I held him while he seized and vomited and turned blue. It is exactly as scary as it sounds. Thank God the Diastat worked this time and brought him out of it. And then we had no tubes left and I proceeded to freak-the-freak-out while Dylan did the sensible thing - called around until he found a 24 hour Walgreen's that actually had the medicine in stock and then got our pharmacy to transfer the prescription and drove out there to pick it up. I stayed home and laid next to my sweet, sleeping boy and watched him breathe. When Dylan got home, he took over and I got a few hours of sleep while that lovely, wonderful man got none and stayed up to make sure our son was okay. See? Told you it would get maudlin.

Um, so anyway, Ry is better now, we'll see the neurologist next week for med dosage adjustment and now, pictures!

Thanksgiving Boog: gotta love a good sweater vest!

There is no room for shirts at Thanksgiving. Also, that is Nolan looking all kinds of stern about my parenting methods in the corner.
Daddy and Boog respecting each other's personal space bubbles (no seriously, do NOT try to cuddle that kid while he sleeps unless you enjoy elbows in your throat) after a long night of seizure-watch
All worn out and still beautiful

Well, it was not the Thanksgiving weekend we planned, but at least no one ended up in the ER this year!


  1. Ry looks a LOT like Grace in some of the photos you take of him. Glad he's doing okay. Praying for the little dude! -Katie

    1. He's a total Grace-clone, I agree!

  2. Ry looks a LOT like Grace in some of the photos you take of him. Glad he's doing okay. Praying for the little dude! -Katie

  3. Aw, poor Ry and poor you and Dylan for getting no sleep! Looks like Pippa was really enjoying that meal though!

  4. Oh for the love :( I really hope they get his meds working properly and soon!

  5. Man, The Boog is such a trooper! (And he is a beautiful little man :) )