Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where's the Boog?!

GAH! What happened to this blog? Who are those weird smiling folks at the top and why is it now called "Megcentric"? Where is the Boog? Is he still abiding? Say he's still abiding?

Rest assured, dear readers, the Boog abides and will continue to be the subject of this blog quite often, but, I don't know if you've noticed, this blog doesn't get updated very often. I pretty much only write when the Boog does something particularly comical or touching that I haven't already shared with my entire Facebook community the second it happened...which is fairly rare since I'm a compulsive Facebooker. One of my writing goals waaaaay back last year was to start a daily, or at least several-times weekly blog to keep the writing juices flowin' and give certain interested parties a window into the daily life of the D-R clan and the scary, jumbled attic full of oddities that is my brain.

At long last, here it is! I will be writing about the Boog and his exploits, but I also will be writing about his sister who, while perhaps not as empirically fascinating as the Boog, can still be darn entertaining. I will include anecdotes of the husband who has been lucky enough to escape Internet scrutiny up until now. I will also write about (gasp) non-mommy/wife topics as often as my brain can possibly manage to crawl out from the morass of spit-up, shiny therapeutic objects and Disney DVDs and show up for work.

I do hope you'll stick with me. I think if you do, you'll have some fun, though I don't promise it will be educational fun. And, again, rest assured, the Boog still abides. Oh how he abides.

Oh yeah, she abides, too...somewhat less quietly...


  1. oh my goodness.. could they be any cuter?!? i think not! love the new blog, meg-of-megcentric :)

  2. Hooray! Excited to read! And man, they are cuuuuute!