Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Blog Abides

Howdy folks! I know it's been awhile. As I observed before, time is scarce with two children, though the real problem, honestly, is that brainpower is scarce with two kids. I honestly have times when I'm talking to someone and I hear words coming out of my mouth that have nothing to do with what I wanted to discuss. "Honey, can you pick up the kids' meds after work?" can turn into, "Honey, black sandwiches and octopi live after work?" Seriously. The beginning and end of the sentence usually come out right, but the middle turns into a scary mess of gibberish which is also a window into the dark abyss of randomness that is my brain.

Um...see...this wasn't what I came here to write about...darn it black sandwiches and octopi again...

So, it's been pointed out to me by more than a few of you lovely people lately that I have a gift for writing. To those lovely delusional people, I would like to offer my collection of rejection letters up for review. The publishing world does not agree with you. Anyway, I've been toying with the idea of re-vamping the blog, getting an actual template, figuring out how to upload pictures, and basically turning it into a real grown-up blog. Maybe, and I hesitate to even type this because I'm pretty sure I can hear the sound of rejection letters being typed (Can they reject blogs? I'm fairly certain they can. In my head, those rejection letter folks are omnipotent and they also sit at desks 10 feet high with giant books and huge black feather quills with which to write those words of doom, "Thank you for your submission..."), I can find a nice little niche and make a few dollars.

To that end, there may be a few changes around here some time soon (soon being a relative term when you have two kids...). Please stick around, folks, I promise there will be tons more Boog anecdotes for you Boog fans, but perhaps I will pull my head out of the depths of the sea of picture exchange cards and dirty diapers that is my life as a mother, look around and write about what I see out there on the dry land of reality as well (how's that for an overwrought metaphor?).

So, thanks for reading, be patient with me, and when things are more together around here, I'll ask some of you lovely delusional people to tell your lovely delusional friends about me and my stream-of-consciousness babbling. You guys rock.


  1. You are so funny! I love reading your posts. I've been toying with trying to figure out how to make money blogging. I LOVE to write. Not that its anything good, but maybe it could be? LOL Who knows, but YES keep the blogs coming. I've done TWO I think since Macie arrived so good luck :)

  2. Check out the parent blogging network. I have a friend who writes for that and I hesitate to say she is no where near as witty as you are. :-) Just sayin.